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How to convert PDF to Excel | Xyclos

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How to convert PDF to Excel | Xyclos
How to convert PDF to Excel | Xyclos

This procedure considers the PDF has various pages/tables inside.

  1. Open Excel

  2. Open a new Workbook

  3. Clic on Data tab

  4. Clic on Get Data/From file/From PDF It opens the Navigator window

  5. If the PDF has multiple pages activate Select multiple items

  6. Select the tables you want to import

  7. Click Load to...

  8. Select Table

  9. Click OK The PDF tables are imported in various Excel tables inside the Workbook. Then, you can clic on Get data/Combine Queries/Append to build one table and do anything you want: Pivot tables or Graphs As you can see, if you have Excel, you can convert PDF to Excel for free.

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